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RS1-SX Body Worn Camera + DEMS Software Bundle

The RS1-SX revolutionizes body worn cameras, with the perfect balance of elegant simplicity and rugged design. This wearable camera offers frontline workers comprehensive cover – so you can have total protection and total proof.

Designed with the officer in mind, the RS1-SX has an articulated camera head for maximum accuracy and front-facing screen to deter potential perpetrators. Paired with our innovative DEMS digital evidence software, this is your department’s ultimate backup.

RS3-SX Body Worn Camera + DEMS Software Bundle

Our full HD, rugged design RS3-SX body camera has taken police departments and security organizations across the globe by storm. The sophisticated technology is an ideal partner for any officer – the camera articulation provides ultimate versatility, allowing the camera to be used in-car and as a table top interview recorder.

This bundle comes with our state-of-the-art DEMS software – a complete evidence management suite where you can automatically or manually upload your videos.

DEMS evidence management software

Our industry leading Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) ensures that users have an intuitive, easy-to-use evidence platform to manage the videos that they record. Built on Reveal Media's eleven years of providing trusted digital evidence management software, DEMS is extremely simple to use and provides a robust trail of evidence.

RS1 Body Worn Camera + DEMS Software Bundle

The RS1 is a new concept in body worn cameras, combining elegant simplicity and miniature design. This is the ideal camera for lone workers in a non-confrontational role. This camera has been designed for lone-worker, non-confrontational use.

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“The introduction of the camera has seen a marked decline in confrontations between detainees and officers. Anyone who works directly with the public, would be doing themselves a huge injustice in not investing in these cameras.”
John Connolly, Immigration Removal Services